Economic Growth

Brexit is already causing a drop in EU migration to UK

Feb 23, 2018

Brexit is a little more than a year away but there is mounting evidence it's already having a major impact on the number of European citizens looking to live and work in Britain

Germany books record surplus as economy keeps growing

Feb 23, 2018

The German state made a record surplus last year thanks to unbroken economic growth

The Brexit effect: UK economy grows at 5-year low in 2017

Feb 22, 2018

Official figures show that the British economy did not grow as strongly as initially anticipated in the final quarter of 2017

Fed officials: Stronger economy boosts chance for rate hikes

Feb 21, 2018

Fed officials in January felt rising growth prospects boosted chances for more rate hikes

New Zealand says Pacific trade deal will boost GDP 1 percent

Feb 21, 2018

New Zealand estimates a Pacific trade deal would boost its economy by up to 1 percent as exporters would face reduced tariffs on goods like kiwifruit, wine and beef

Of Mutual Interest: The reaction after the market's plunge

Feb 15, 2018

Tom Stringfellow of Frost Investment Advisors says investors don't seem to have altered their approach to the stock market all that much after the sharp drop at the beginning of this month.

For builders, demand and economy up; so are interest rates

Feb 15, 2018

US homebuilders maintain an optimistic outlook as economy and demand grow

Gov't says health costs to keep growing faster than economy

Feb 14, 2018

Gov't says U.S. health care spending will keep growing faster than the overall economy through 2026

US inflation pressures raising expectations for rate hikes

Feb 14, 2018

US inflation pressures seem to be mounting, potentially fueling more rate hikes

Falling 0.3 pct in January, a broad decline in retail sales

Feb 14, 2018

US retail sales down 0.3 percent in January, biggest decline in 11 months, as auto sales fall

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