Economic Growth

Trump officials predict sustained growth in the economy

Jul 30, 2018

Trump's top economic advisers forecast an economy that will continue to grow, an assessment few outside economists agree with

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's 'historic' economic gains, 2016 myths

Jul 30, 2018

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's week marked by exaggerations on US economic growth, invented history about winning the women's vote and claims of success in new health care programs that have yet to start

Officials say fast growth to continue, Trump respects Fed

Jul 29, 2018

Trump's top economic policymakers insist the robust growth marked in the April-June quarter will maintain its pace, says president respects the Federal Reserve's independence

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's hyped claims on economy, NKorea, vets

Jul 28, 2018

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's week marked by exaggerations and half-truths on the economy, trade, veterans and yes, Amazon, again

Cambodian elections a choice between strongman or boycott

Jul 28, 2018

Cambodians voting in Sunday's elections will have a nominal choice of 20 parties but in reality, only two serious options: extend Prime Minister Hun Sen's 33 years in power or do not vote

Moody's upgrades Cyprus 1 notch to Ba2 on banking recovery

Jul 27, 2018

International agency Moody's raises Cyprus' credit rating by one notch to Ba2 on the ongoing recovery of the island-nation's banking sector and its strong economic growth and fiscal surplus

Trump again seemed to preview release of good economic news

Jul 27, 2018

Trump again seemed to preview release of good economic news

Can big-spending US consumers and businesses sustain growth?

Jul 27, 2018

Big-spending consumers and businesses drive US 2nd quarter growth, but will it last?

AP FACT CHECK: Trump falsely claims historic turnaround

Jul 27, 2018

AP FACT CHECK: Trump falsely suggests he has engineered 'an economic turnaround of historic proportions'

US economy grew at a brisk 4.1 percent rate last quarter

Jul 27, 2018

US economy grows at strong 4.1 percent annual rate in second quarter, best showing since 2014

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