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Eurozone stimulus program to end as growth worries resurface

Dec 13, 2018

The European Central Bank says it will halt at year end the stimulus program that for almost four years has reinvigorated the eurozone economy _ despite new risks including global trade wars and Brexit.

The Latest: Low rates expected to support European economy

Dec 13, 2018

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi says strong domestic demand and low interest rates are supporting the economy in Europe despite a recent moderation in growth.

Puerto Rico overhauls tax laws to help workers, businesses

Dec 10, 2018

Puerto Rico's governor has signed a bill to overhaul the U.S. territory's tax laws in a bid to help workers and some business owners amid a 12-year recession

Venezuela's president boosts wages, compares Trump to Hitler

Nov 30, 2018

Venezuela's socialist president has boosted the minimum wage 150 percent to combat what he calls an economic war being waged by the United States

UN releases $9.2 million in emergency funds for Venezuela

Nov 27, 2018

The United Nations has released some $9.2 million for nutrition, health care and other aid for struggling Venezuelans through an emergency relief fund, the first such assistance into Venezuela since a crisis worsened under President Nicolas Maduro

Greece: Creditors approve U-turn on pension cuts

Nov 21, 2018

Greece's bailout creditors approve request to scrap pension cuts planned in 2019 following strong budget performance

Brexit, Italy, trade: Risks piling up for Europe's economy

Nov 16, 2018

Europe's long-running economic rebound is facing a mid-life crisis as it copes with worries including a potential debt explosion in Italy, an escalating US-China trade war and a potentially disruptive British exit from the European Union

Draghi: eurozone economy 'resilient' despite trade slowdown

Nov 16, 2018

European Central Bank head Mario Draghi says that slowing trade is proving to be a drag on the eurozone economy but says the expansion remains "resilient" as consumers at home remain willing to spend and unemployment falls

Colombia opens camp for Venezuela migrants as exodus swells

Nov 13, 2018

Authorities in Colombia's capital have opened a camp for Venezuelan migrants as the number fleeing their nation's economic and humanitarian crisis continues to rise

IMF warns Italy's spending plan makes country vulnerable

Nov 13, 2018

The International Monetary Fund is warning that Italy's plan to sharply increase spending carries "substantial" risks and would leave the country vulnerable to market turmoil

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