Financial Crisis

Greek workers join general strike as end of bailout looms

May 30, 2018

A general strike in Greece against plans to extend austerity measures has halted ferry services to the islands, and disrupted flights, public transport and other services.

Fed looks to ease rule that limits risky bank trading

May 30, 2018

Federal Reserve set to ease 'Volcker Rule' amid government efforts to loosen bank regulations

Italian turmoil hits global markets, sending stocks plunging

May 30, 2018

Shares sink in Asia following global rout over possible impact of Italian vote on euro bloc

Another euro crisis? Italian chaos reawakens concerns

May 29, 2018

Italy's political turmoil has sent a wave of fear through Europe's 19-country currency union, with tremors felt in financial markets.

The Latest: Industry in Italy has agenda for new government

May 29, 2018

The Italian association of high-end producers is pushing for a coordinated industrial strategy to help grow the sector worth 100 billion euros ($115 billion) a year, or 5 percent of GDP

Financial turmoil engulfs Italy amid political uncertainty

May 29, 2018

Financial turmoil has engulfed Italy amid fears that it is heading toward another election that could shape up to be a vote on whether to stay in the common currency

Loan demand down as company owners turn to personal funds

May 29, 2018

Fewer small employers sought loans and other financing toward the end of last year as many companies dealt with fiscal challenges

For-sale signs vanish and March home prices jump 6.8 pct

May 29, 2018

US home prices climbed in March with buyers paying a premium as the number of homes up for sale decline and mortgage rates rise

Italian concerns stalk global stock markets and hurt euro

May 29, 2018

Worries that Europe's debt crisis is about to flare up again in the wake of political uncertainty in Italy weighed heavily on stock markets on Tuesday and sent the euro skidding down to 2018 lows against the dollar.

Greece: Italy turmoil won't delay return to bond market

May 29, 2018

Greece's government says market turbulence caused by Italy's political crisis will not change plans to make full return to markets this year

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