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Markets Right Now: Dow drops 1,500, erasing gain for 2018

Feb 5, 2018

The Dow Jones industrial average plunged 1,500 points, erasing its gain for the year, as the market extends a slump that began Friday.

For Bon-Ton, founded in 19th century, an uncertain future

Feb 5, 2018

Bon-Ton Stores, struggling with weak sales and saddled with debt, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Yellen disappointed not to get a second term as Fed chair

Feb 4, 2018

Janet Yellen says she was disappointed that President Donald Trump didn't offer her a second term as Federal Reserve chair

The Powell era at the Fed seems sure to face some turbulence

Feb 4, 2018

The Jerome Powell era at the Fed seems likely to face turbulence from higher inflation

Colombia opens border shelter for Venezuelans fleeing crisis

Feb 4, 2018

Colombia's government has opened its first shelter for Venezuelans who are pouring across the border in ever-larger numbers to escape their nation's economic debacle

Greek Cypriots to vote in runoff in hopes of peace deal

Feb 3, 2018

Greek Cypriots to vote in presidential runoff hoping for peace deal

Builders up spending by 0.7 pct; signs of pressure emerge

Feb 1, 2018

US builders pushed December construction spending up 0.7 percent to record high, though strains are on display

Broad global economic growth powers international fund flows

Feb 1, 2018

Broad global economic growth powers international fund flows

5 Things: What Yellen's Fed tenure will be remembered for

Feb 1, 2018

5 Things: Fed Chair Yellen's impact on the central bank and the US economy

Europe's rise in temporary work contracts puts lives on hold

Jan 31, 2018

Europe's economic recovery is in full swing, and in countries like Portugal the unemployment rate is falling steeply from record highs reached during a recent financial crisis

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