Financial Crisis

Jordan's king, EU foreign policy chief review ailing economy

Jun 9, 2018

Jordan's king, EU foreign policy chief discuss kingdom's economic challenges, meeting just days after mass protests against proposed tax increases

German minister urges jobless fund, tax to bolster euro

Jun 9, 2018

Germany's finance minister is urging bolder steps to strengthen the euro currency union by setting up a fund to help countries hard hit by unemployment and by laying the foundations of an EU-wide tax system

IMF agrees to $50 billion deal to help Argentina's economy

Jun 8, 2018

Argentina and the International Monetary Fund have agreed on a three-year $50 billion stand-by financing deal aimed at strengthening the South American country's economy

Ex-Anglo Irish Bank CEO convicted over 2008 fraud

Jun 6, 2018

A former chief executive of the defunct Anglo-Irish Bank has been convicted of fraud for his role in inflating the lender's balance sheet before it collapsed in the 2008 global financial crisis

Top ECB official: Time to discuss stimulus withdrawal

Jun 6, 2018

A top European Central Bank official says policymakers will begin discussions next week on withdrawing the bank's bond-purchase stimulus _ suggesting the ECB isn't overly worried by the recent political upheaval in Italy

UK sells 7.7 percent stake in Royal Bank of Scotland

Jun 5, 2018

The British government has sold a 7.7 percent stake in Royal Bank of Scotland, taking a tentative step toward returning the bank to private ownership almost a decade after it was bailed out at the height of the financial crisis

UK government to sell $3.5B stake in Royal Bank of Scotland

Jun 4, 2018

Britain's government says it intends to sell part of its stake in taxpayer-owned Royal Bank of Scotland to investors

Day 4 of Jordan protests, thousands rally against tax hikes

Jun 3, 2018

Thousands of Jordanians protest planned tax increase for a fourth straight day, marching toward the office of the prime minister and demanding his resignation

EU in flux as US alliance creaks, populists rise in Italy

Jun 1, 2018

For decades, European leaders and businesses knew that the United States is an essential trade partner and that Italy is one of the pillars of the EU. Friday's events showed that neither of those is as certain as it used to be

EU official says Greece's bond market access is 'fragile'

May 31, 2018

A top European Union official in Greece says the country's access to bond markets remains "fragile" amid the ongoing financial turmoil triggered by the political standoff in Italy

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