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Senate GOP drops 'poison pills' from key spending bill

Jun 12, 2018

Senate Republicans are ridding a key spending bill of controversial environmental provisions opposed by Democrats in a move aimed at avoiding the annual year-end pileup of spending bills

EU ready to fund some projects to speed military deployments

Jun 11, 2018

The European Union could make billions of euros available to upgrade bridges and roads so its member countries and NATO are able to rapidly deploy troops in times of crisis, an EU official said Monday

3 Gulf Arab states pledge $2.5B to Jordan after protests

Jun 11, 2018

3 Gulf Arab states have pledged $2.5 billion to Jordan as economic protests over austerity measures have roiled the kingdom

German minister urges jobless fund, tax to bolster euro

Jun 9, 2018

Germany's finance minister is urging bolder steps to strengthen the euro currency union by setting up a fund to help countries hard hit by unemployment and by laying the foundations of an EU-wide tax system

Senate unveils farm bill, leaves food stamps alone

Jun 8, 2018

Senate Agriculture Committee releases bipartisan farm bill that makes mostly modest adjustments to existing programs and doesn't pick a fight over food stamps

Italian economist: Markets will judge Italy's spending plans

Jun 8, 2018

The economist who tried to form an Italian government amid political gridlock says he's worried about the new populist leaders' enacting measures that will swell the national debt.

NJ legislation would legalize marijuana, expand medical pot

Jun 8, 2018

Recreational marijuana would be legalized and the medical cannabis program would be expanded under new legislation unveiled Friday in New Jersey

House passes $145B spending package

Jun 8, 2018

The GOP-controlled House has passed a $145 billion spending bill funding the Energy Department and veterans' programs, the first attempt by GOP leaders to implement the second year of this year's hard-fought budget deal

Arizona teachers push proposal to tax rich for education

Jun 8, 2018

After winning big pay raises with a strike that shuttered Arizona schools, the state's teachers are pushing a ballot initiative that would tax the rich and funnel nearly $690 million annually to education

Trump plan to cut $15B in spending squeaks through House

Jun 8, 2018

The House on Thursday only narrowly passed a White House plan to cut almost $15 billion in unused government money, a move that's designed to demonstrate fiscal discipline in Washington even though it wouldn't have much of an impact on spiraling deficits

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